Simple Solutions for Individuals

Individual Essential Benefits

Now is the time to build the capabilities and gather the right solutions and products to offer individual benefits to your small groups and your individual customer base.

At cbg we carefully sort and sift through the vast array of individual products available in today’s market and bring you only those offerings that meet or exceed our best in class standards.

Since 1998, insurance professionals, employer groups and individuals have turned to cbg for help in understanding and purchasing insurance plans. Our team of professionals and state-of-the-art web systems are designed specifically to provide superior service and flexibility to our clients and agent distribution partners.

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Offer a true indemnity dental plan to your customers.  Did you know individuals are more loyal to their dentist than any other medical adviser?  Here is the plan that allows them to continue to see that dentist and receive quality benefits.  And with more than 2M baby boomers retiring year after year now is the time to break into this market.