Trusted Carriers


Trusted Carriers Put Clients At Ease

cbg | CONFIDENT doesn’t just work with any old carrier and we don’t sell just any old plan. Instead, we research and select the BEST carriers for small groups and then we work with them to develop unique products that feel just right for small groups:
  • A+ rated carriers including TruAssure & Renaissance
  • Custom-developed products for groups 2-99
  • Available in 50 States
  • No census required
Combine that with our own small business values and you’ll experience a level of personal customer service that you haven’t known for some time. Here’s our promise … WHEN ISSUES COME UP, WE’LL BE THERE TO PERSONALLY ADDRESS THEM! By quoting your Dental and Vision business with us, you will learn more about our plans and see that they are the right size for all your small groups. [carrier logos here]

Don’t Forget About Individual Business!

We hear it all the time: “Servicing individual customers is time-consuming and there’s so little revenue in it that it seems like it may not be worth the effort.” Building a strong portfolio of individual clients can add revenue that will plug important gaps in your cashflow. That’s why we’ve worked hard to:
    1. eliminate the hassle factor when selling to and servicing individual clients.
    1. we’ve developed marketing tools that will help you cast a broad net to convert individual business into a revenue generating engine.
    1. we’ve got great, A+ rated carriers for individual products:
Leverage all of this and more: Register to quote with us and be sure to ask about our individual products.