Where will my new prospects come from in 2020?

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Here are some ideas to get you thinking about filling your prospect pipeline.

By Rachel Moore | February 19, 2020 at 04:47 PM

How did you do last year in sales?

How did you do last year for sales? Are you looking for benefit plan business? You may have thought of schools, non profits, local companies, what about associations and start ups? The opportunities are endless but are you ready with the right distributor, carrier, and products?

Technology that helps sell  It is no secret that new technology comes out quicker then most of us can keep up. Benefits management is no different. Our carriers are constantly improving the way to manage benefits online. Human resource executives and top directors are most likely not going to have a lot of time for enrollment. Sell them products that empowers employers to effectively manage benefits and make sound business decisions.

Re-enrollment Quoting  Companies change plan providers for many reasons.  They also go through a review process, issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP).  Is it time to reach out to the business you lost last year and get invited to this year’s invitation for RFPs? Let us compare rates for dental, vision, life, and std/ltd benefits. In most cases when groups move to one of our carriers a savings of 10% off renewal rates occurs. It is worth the time to compare.

Educate your clients  Here’s an idea for individuals where you need the company connection.  Firms want their executives focused on running the company and meeting sales objectives.  Mangers and business owners also need to focus on their retirement planning. Present the idea of a series of on-site educational classes or webinars.  cbg | CONFIDENT can help you gather data on our plans in your area of focus, prepare quote comparisons, and help with content. Let them see the scope of their own employee benefits package and help them take the next step with you. Educating is not selling, but when faced with a problem, executives are very comfortable in “hiring a consultant” let us help you be the benefits consultant. 

Having the correct partners in place  You’ve done it, you have sold a group a large benefits package, now what? Are you confident in the technology and support behind the product? cbg | CONFIDENT has over 20 years industry experience, qualifying us as experts. Our customer support and outstanding carrier relationships are what makes us the partner to have to expand and support your business in 2020 and beyond.

Contact Sarah Peters or Gary White immediately with any questions.


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