2021 brings you Brochure Rated Vision Plans

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cbg | CONFIDENT Vision plans provide a simple solution to provide additional benefits for small businesses.

Easy to bundle, great benefits, & affordable.

cbg|CONFIDENT Vision plans offers highly certified doctors, a huge network, and it’s super easy to add to existing cbg | CONFIDENT  benefit bundles or stand alone. 

The cost is easy to understand with no group census required to provide a proposal. Starting with groups of 2, a VSP Vision plan is an ideal solution for many small businesses. We are able to accompany our Vision plans with quick appointment and group enrollment process. These Vision plans are great additions to any portfolio of products. 

Our agents receive top support! We can help with personalizing this document and other marketng material to provide to clients. 

Download our  Vision Brochure to learn more about the benefits included in this Vision plan.

*You must be appointed with Renaissance Dental to sell our Brochure Rated Vision plan. Appointment is quick and easy. You can find the appointment form link and other information by visiting our resources page., select “Carriers”. 

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