Is your client’s benefits ready for COVID-19?

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Do your clients' benefits meet the new demand of today's workforce?

When COVID-19 first took hold, Equitable, like other businesses, sent our employees home for their safety and well-being. The ones who could work from home did – and are continuing to do so. Now, as the country starts to open up again, we’re thinking, “Should we just keep them working at home?” After all, the virus is still a major threat. “And, if we do, what happens to our benefits? How much do we need to adjust them to meet the new needs of our workforce?

Together we can be the resource your clients need to get through this time.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) commonly asked questions and answers

We recognize the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an unprecedented impact on all of our personal and professional lives. We wanted to reassure you that Equitable is ready and able to serve you— safely and effectively — with no disruption to business.

Over the past 161 years, Equitable has persevered through many serious events and periods of market volatility, whilst helping our clients face the future with confidence.  We greatly value our relationship and appreciate the trust you have placed in us. We remain committed to help you look ahead with courage, strength and wisdom.

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