2020 Open Enrollment is not business as usual, but it’s still business.

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You keep hearing your clients are counting on your to provide them with advice and counsel on healthcare and ancillary benefits this year and we cannot agree more. 

It’s time for some pro-active planning and rethinking the way you are keeping in contact with your clients.

Jack Kwicien provides a great commentary on the upcoming open-enrollment. We’ve highlighted some tips and linked the article above. 

Start asking questions and meeting with colleagues. The article offers some great questions on possible opportunities and challenges you will face this enrollment season. 

  • How can we ensure that the employee census information is accurate and timely?
  • What procedural changes can we anticipate?
  • How will the interaction be different?
  • What can we do to help employers and employees understand the purpose and value of voluntary and lifestyle benefits? Like Dental, Vision, Life, etc.
  • How do you effectively communicate with other brokers, employers, carriers, and enrollment firms?

All great questions designed to start conversations. cbg | CONFIDENT would love to help with solutions to these outlined bullets.  

The article also offers a guide to creating an action plan and draws a good point, “It’s not business as usual, but it’s still business.”  We can help manage existing and new clients with simple solutions from our A+ rated carriers.

We have over 25 years of experience working in the industry and have adapted to countless changes. Talk to us more on how to improve your action plan and provide options to your clients that will ease the burden of enrollment and save them money. 

Click here to contact Gary White or email info@capital-benefits.com. 

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