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Partner with you to thrive in difficult times and overcome the obstacles that the benefits world has placed in your path to success.


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Why cbg | CONFIDENT?

As an insurance agent you make your living helping people understand and access benefits they need to improve their quality of life.

Healthcare reform and the environment of state tailored benefit plans,  has not made this easy. You’ve never had to work harder to make a decent living.

To survive—let alone thrive—in this new reality, it’s essential that you, as an agent, get the most out of every ounce of effort that you put into developing each of your client opportunities.

That’s where Capital Benefits Group comes in.

We call our business, “CONFIDENT,” because we’ve focused our decades of benefits experience into a comprehensive agent growth platform, which includes a …

  • Collection of select carriers that offer strong ancillary products for small to mid-size groups.
  • Solid digital marketing toolkit that attracts more attention and closes more business.
  • User-friendly quoting engine that generates comprehensive, professional-looking quotes.
  • Online enrollment portal that streamlines workflow and saves time.

Great features and our world-class customer service, you’ll find cbg to be the ancillary benefits partner you’ve been seeking.

The day you quote CONFIDENT is the day that cbg goes to work for you.

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