An Essential Group Benefit

Life Insurance is one of the most essential group benefits an employer offers its employees. Consider the tragedy of a family not being able to maintain its lifestyle after the death of a spouse. Life Insurance provides a cash benefit to a family after an employee’s death, helping them meet their financial needs.

For as little as $3/per employee,* employer groups down of 5-99 lives can now offer their employees a $20,000 Guaranteed Issue CONFIDENT Core Life benefit while also giving employees the option to buy additional amounts of life insurance to adequately provide for their personal needs.Click on the following link for details on CONFIDENT CORE Life & Disability:
CONFIDENT CORE Life and Disability One Sheet

Low Participation Requirements

CONFIDENT’s Voluntary Life Plan is the perfect solution for those employers who are financially unable to provide a Life benefit to their employees but understand the importance of Life Insurance. Voluntary LIfe is available to groups with 10-99 employee lives and requires a minimum of 10% participation or 5 lives, whichever is greater.

*Rates based on SIC and zip code; some industries may be excluded.

Click on the following link for details on CONFIDENT VOLUNTARY Life & Disability: CONFIDENT VOLUNTARY Life and Disability One Sheet