A Safety Net of Immeasurable Worth

Disability insurance—LTD and STD—helps employees insure their most valuable asset, their income.

If an employee became disabled for even a few months, how long will you be able to continue to pay them? Disability insurance provides an income to your employees if they are unable to work because of a covered illness or injury.

An Employee's Career

The Perfect Solution

Core and Voluntary LTD and STD are the perfect solution for those employers who understand the importance of disability coverage and want to provide this essential benefit to their employees.

Our Core Plan is available to groups with 5 eligible lives, and our Voluntary plan is available to groups with 10+ employee lives and requires a minimum of 10% participation or 5 lives, whichever is greater.

Learn more about plan details and options

This is your opportunity to make a difference for your clients.

Click the PDF links below for details on CONFIDENT Core and Voluntary Life & Disability.

CONFIDENT CORE Life and Disability One Sheet

CONFIDENT VOLUNTARY Life and Disability One Sheet